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About Us

Bristol Bicycles are practical no-nonsense hybrid bikes, hand built by Jake's Bikes Ltd. in Bristol, UK. We are a small, independent, local company dedicated to doing good socially and environmentally. As with Jake's Bikes, the ultimate goal is to get more people cycling.


We believe that with dramatically increased levels of bicycle use and correspondingly less driving, Bristol will be a greener, more pleasant, safer and healthier place to live and spend time - for cyclists and non-cyclists alike. With Bristol Bicycles we aim to help achieve this by providing practical city bikes at affordable prices. If you want to use a bike as your primary means of transport around the city, if you want plenty of gears and good brakes for the hills, and common-sense details like a comfortable riding position and waterproof saddle, but all this in a bike that doesn't weigh a ton or cost a bomb, you will love Bristol Bicycles.


And these are bikes with a difference: each one is hand built right here in Bristol. Our bikes are not mass-produced or delivered flat-packed in a box. Each one is skillfully assembled with, for example, hand-finished wheels and extra bearing grease, in a way that simply cannot be done in a large factory. When you buy a Bristol Bicycle from Jake's Bikes, you are buying it direct from the people who built it - and we're always here to service it for you in the future too.


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Bristol Bicycles is a trading name of Jake's Bikes Ltd.

All images are for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the exact models and specifications currently available. Specifications, prices and availability subject to change without notice.