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Bristol Bicycles for Workplaces

Practical. Reliable. Ideal for workplace use.

Bristol Bicycles for Workplaces

Beat the Bristol traffic and get to your next appointment on time


Would your workplace benefit from having commuting bikes available to staff? We can supply and maintain our reliable, practical Bristol Bicycles which are ideal for nipping around town to meetings and appointments. In fact we can offer a complete package of bikes, equipment, maintenance, training and discounts to help get your staff cycling.


"Having managed small fleet of Bristol Bikes for Wheels to Work scheme, I can safely say they absolutely fantastic. Whereas a lot of companies put on cheap components that don't last any time at all, Jakes bikes have all good quality wheels, tyres, cables etc that are made for everyday riding in the worst of British weather. Bear this in mind when comparing prices."

Henry Godfrey, The Bristol Bike Project


Discounts available for purchases of 5 bikes or more, and at the moment we are offering workplace trial bikes for free.


We also have lease options available if you prefer to hire a bike and equipment for your workplace.


Our current fleet bike clients include UWE, Bristol City Council and HP. You can read a short case study about UWE's bike fleet here.



Please contact Jake Voelcker to discuss your requirements




photo credit: Geof Sheppard on Wikimedia

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