We are a more-than-profit company dedicated to doing good socially and environmentally by getting more people on bikes.

In 2008, owner Jake Voelcker founded Jake’s Bikes, a bicycle workshop based in Bristol, offering honest and affordable bicycle servicing, repairs and tuition. Through his experience servicing bikes at the workshop, Jake decided to design a practical commuting bike built for Bristol, in Bristol.

Bristol Bicycles was launched in March 2015, making no-nonsense hybrid bikes in a range of sizes and models, hand-built and sold by skilled mechanics at Jake’s Bikes workshop.

Our ultimate goal is to get more people cycling. We believe in making it easy, fun, reliable, affordable and normal to cycle every day, without having to be an athlete or bike enthusiast. With Bristol Bicycles we aim to help achieve this by providing practical bikes at affordable prices.

If you want to use a bike as your primary means of transport, you’ll need plenty of gears and good brakes, and common-sense details like a comfortable riding position and waterproof saddle. We offer all this in a bike that doesn’t weigh a ton, or cost a bomb.

And these are bikes with a difference: each one is hand-built right here in the UK. Our bikes are not mass-produced or thrown together from a generic kit. Every bike is skilfully assembled with hand-finished wheels and extra bearing grease, offering a level of detail that cannot be done in a large factory.

When you buy a bike from Bristol Bicycles, you are buying it direct from the people who built it – and we’re always here to service it for you in the future.