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    review rating 5  I was really impressed with the service that Jake's Bikes' completed on my bike. They communicated clearly what the costs would be and gave me some different options. The new components fitted are quality ones and not overpriced. They were also happy to take the bike back and identify a noise which was still there for no extra cost. And the overall result makes it feel like a brand new bike!

    thumb Oliver Lax

    review rating 5  Nice kid, probably the owner? Jake? On the desk. Blondish, glasses, 5"7.. Honest and advisable type Brought in my old raggidy GT where other snobby shops would probably giggle at, this guy did a quick on spot check and mini service and asked nothing in return. But I still donated in tin. That said alot to me. I will bring my bikes here from now on. Even expensive top end one I've been saving up for and will be getting next month.

    thumb EccentricWorld .

    review rating 5  I have been going to Jake's Bikes for years and they never cease to amaze me with their fabulous customer service and their magical ability to transform my bicycle and make me smile, EVERY SINGLE TIME! They are truly aaaaaahmaaaayzing!

    thumb Louise Guy

    review rating 5  Really excellent bike shop. Won't go anywhere else. Edit also to add that I have been to many shops in Bristol and this is still the one worth going to.

    thumb James Todd

    review rating 5  I have been to Jake's bikes a few times now for jobs of varying complexity and have always been happy with their customer service, the quality of their work and their pricing. They are always welcoming on arrival and friendly throughout which means I don't worry about asking a silly question. They are very explicit about their pricing and give a pretty accurate estimate before they begin any work. When they needed to exceed this estimate, when my bike was most recently there, they called me to ask if this was OK. They also called to let me know that my bike was ready ahead of schedule, and when I went to pick it up they ran through the services they had done and looked at the receipt with me. My bike has always been a joy to ride after it's been with them. As my dearest possession I like to know it is in good hands and I think it is with Jake's team. I would strongly recommend their services.

    thumb Max Makin

    review rating 5  Really excellent bike shop. Won't go anywhere else.

    thumb James Todd
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Facebook Reviews

    review rating 0  The staff are always friendly, helpful and have gone above and beyond on more than one occasion. They care about bikes AND people! Thank you, Jake's Bikes.

    thumb Phoebe Flint

    review rating 0  Awesome service, very helpful and affordable! would recommend 100%. Tried some other place out of curiosity as I m new in Bristol, got very disappointed! Will stick to Jake’s bike from now on!

    thumb Julie Hautecoeur

    review rating 0  Great bike, sensible and generous advice, reliable servicing, always friendly. Love it.

    thumb Ed Mitchell

    review rating 0  LOVE my bike.... fabulous and top class service from the shop. Many thanks xx

    thumb Hazel Winter

    review rating 0  I was really impressed by the service I received! This is the second time I have used the bike repair service and have found it really quick, the staff are all really friendly and explained the problems on my bike really well. It seems like everyone is really honest and prices are fair, they could have charged me a lot more to get me a whole new deraillieur fitted, but I was called after they'd had a closer look and they gave me a few options which was so helpful and made it cheaper for me! I trust that I will get good and honest service and will definitely be back the next time my bike needs a service!

    thumb Claire Robertson
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