Frequently asked questions

How much is delivery?

Delivery within Bristol for bikes and e-bikes (and any accessories) is £25. Bikes will be delivered fully assembled and ready to ride.

Delivery for bikes to the rest of the UK is £35. Delivery for e-bikes to the rest of the UK is £45. Bikes will be delivered boxed with the front wheel and pedals removed and the handlebars folded flat. Any lights, locks, panniers etc. purchased at the same time will be sent for free along with the bike.

We only deliver accessories when purchased with a bike, we do not offer a mail order service for smaller orders, sorry.

Simply select your preferred delivery option when you complete your purchase online.

Please contact us to request a quote for international delivery, or delivery to highlands and islands.

Where can I test-ride a bike?

We have a fleet of demo bikes of various sizes and models at our shop in Bristol. We can advise on size and fit and you can try out different frame sizes, saddles, handlebars and configurations.

Where do all the bike’s components come from?

We have hand-picked our own set of components from manufacturers all over the world, carefully matching performance with reliability and longevity. Where necessary we have tested the components ourselves, or had them independently tested to ensure compliance.

Real-world testing is sometimes best of all, and our experience of repairing and servicing thousands of customers’ bikes has provided us with a good understanding of exactly which components are the best quality and will stand the test of time.

The devil is in the detail when it comes to bike components, and it is our attention to detail when specifying components that makes the difference between an average bike and a truly practical, reliable, long-lasting one.

How come Bristol Bicycles are so affordable?

We want to make cycling a viable alternative to driving for as many people as possible, so the bikes are priced very affordably, undercutting directly comparable models from big-name brands by as much as £50, as well as being built by hand in the UK.

We can achieve this because we do everything ourselves, from designing the frames and sourcing and importing the components, to building and retailing the bikes, thereby cutting out two or three middle-men. The savings can be passed on to our customers.

Do Bristol Bicycles manufacture frames and forks in the UK?

We design our own frames and forks here in the UK, and in common with all other aluminium bike frames produced in any significant volume, we get them manufactured by specialist factories in China and Taiwan.

Why are Bristol Bicycles black?

Quite simply, because black is the most practical colour. It’s less flashy and eye-catching as a theft-prevention measure. It shows the dirt less. Matching the paint colour is easier if it gets scratched or chipped and needs touching-up. And we think black looks quite smart and sleek, in a classy understated kind of way.

Can I fit mudguards and luggage racks?

Bristol Bicycles frames are all designed for fitment of pannier racks and mudguards. (They do not come fitted as standard to keep the price of the bike down, and because some customers like to choose a specific type of rack, or mudguards of a particular colour, or may even have their own already). But rest assured all Bristol Bicycles will accept a pannier rack and full-length mudguards – as we firmly believe all practical bikes should.