Cycle to work details

  • For most purchases we recommend you ask your employer to set up an internal Cycle to Work Scheme for your workplace. It is simple, free, and avoids paying any fees. (However, there may be a £1,000 price limit per bike unless your employer is registered with the FCA).
  • We can also accept vouchers from many popular cycle scheme providers – see the list. They charge a commission between 6% and 15%, and we cannot afford to absorb this cost for you – if we did we would make a loss on the sale. (We do not make any extra money on the purchase, the fee simply covers the commission that these companies charge us).

Example Savings

For a basic rate taxpayer using the Green Commute Initiative*:
Normal price of bike    £500
plus cycle to work scheme fee**  + £30
  plus end-of-hire fee***  + £1
 minus your tax savings:   – £169
Total cost    = £362
net monthly salary sacrifice:
 £30.17 (over 12 months)
  saving compared to normal price:   27.6%