Our Bikes

Sleek, understated and beautifully smooth to ride, we’ve paid close attention to all the little details because it adds up to make a big difference. We understand the needs of cycle commuters, and we’ve designed a bike specifically for you…



Designed for normal people, not athletes

Comfortable, fairly upright riding position. All the little details are taken care of: a seam-free waterproof saddle, comfy handlebars with a small back-sweep, and bolt-on grips that won’t slip.

Attention to detail where it matters

Full Shimano gear and brake system – including hidden components such as the bottom bracket. Cassette rear wheel to eliminate broken axles even when carrying luggage, and double-walled rims. Even the spokes and brake cables are rust-proof stainless steel.

No flashy bits; just solid, reliable components

A wide range of gears to cope with Bristol’s hills – and powerful V-brakes to deal with the downhills. All bikes are designed for mudguard and pannier rack fitment. And of course puncture-resistant tyres come as standard.

Hand-built in Bristol by skilled mechanics

Each Bristol Bicycle is hand-built right here in Bristol. They are lovingly assembled with, for example, hand-finished wheels and extra bearing grease, in a way that simply cannot be done in a large factory.

Understated by design

The deliberately minimal style – for example the satin black frame colour and subtle graphics – are designed not to attract the attention of bike thieves.