Price comparison

Despite being hand-built in the UK, Bristol Bicycles are surprisingly affordable


Double-walled wheels, 36 stainless spokes

Cassette (instead of freewheel)

Full Shimano gear and brake system

Puncture-resistant tyres

Ergo grips, seam-free saddle, cast seatclamp

Hand-finished wheels, hand-greased headset

Bristol Bicycles CITY


Kona Dew City


Dawes Discovery 201


Raleigh Strada 2


Trek FX 2


Cannondale Quick 8


Specialized Sirrus


Pinnacle Lithium 2


Giant Escape 2


Ridgeback Anteron


Marin Larkspur CS2


Prices and specifications correct February 2018

wheelsDouble-walled wheels, 36 stainless spokes

Double-walled wheel rims are stronger than cheaper single-walled versions.
Stainless steel spokes won’t ever rust.
36 spokes make a much stronger wheel than the alternative 32.

cassetteCassette (instead of freewheel)

The axle on a freewheel rear wheel can easily bend or break.
Cassette wheels completely solve this problem, so we only use cassette wheels.

shimanoFull Shimano gear and brake system

Every single gear and brake component on Bristol Bicycles is genuine Shimano.
Many other manufacturers cut corners on hidden components like the bottom bracket or gear cables.

tyresPuncture-resistant tyres

All Bristol Bicycles tyres have a 3mm anti-puncture layer built-in.

saddleErgo grips, seam-free saddle, cast saddle clamp

We take care of all the little details because they add up to make a big difference.
Ergonomic grips provide a nice comfy shape for the palm, and lock in place to prevent slipping on the handlebar.
Seam-free waterproof saddles won’t get your bum when, even when it’s been raining.
All Bristol Bicycles have a cast aluminium saddle clamp to ensure a rock-solid, worry-free ride. Some other bikes have pressed steel saddle clamps which frequently come loose or get damaged. The devil is in the details!

handbuiltHand-finished wheels, hand-greased headset

Perhaps most importantly of all, Bristol Bicycles are hand-built by skilled mechanics in a way that simply cannot be done in a large factory.
For example, we add extra grease to the headset bearings to ensure long life.
Both wheels on your Bristol Bicycle will also have stress-relieved and hand-trued spokes, safeguarding against breakages and wobbles.

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