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The Basil Urban Load is a Double Bicycle Bag The bicycle bag has, among others, been made of polyester and water-repellent tarpaulin. This will keep your belongings dry during a rain shower, when you go out for groceries or when making a tour in your vibrant city. The folding closure prevents rain from entering the bag. The Double Bag has an impressive capacity of 53 litres. In some cases this is comes in handy when you arrive home with your bicycle bags full of new clothes (oops) instead of only the pair of new shoes that you really need. When the bag is empty it can be made smaller or more compact thanks to the flexible sides. This allows you to park your bicycle with a lot more ease in the overcrowded bike parking at the central railway station.

The Urban Load is equipped with the Basil Universal Bridge System thus making it compatible with all sorts of rear carrier racks (also e-bikes) and it can also be used in combination with systems such as Racktime and i-Rack/Carrymore. What’s more there is also a model with a reflective print for improved visibility. The Basil Urban Load is available in multiple colors based on the latest colorblocktrend. There is a green with white version, a grey with (gold)yellow version and a black Basil Urban Load Double Bag. Check out the complete Basil Urban Load collection over here.


  • The reflective details guarantee an improved visibility
  • Thanks tot he Basil Universal Bridge System the Double Bag is also compatible with systems like Racktime, i-Rack and Carrymore
  • The Double Bag has been made of water-repellent material and can handle a rainshower, but after a full day of raining cats and dogs it will not be entirely dry anymore
  • The size of the Double Bag can be reduced thanks to the pliable sides
  • The closure by means of adjustable buckles allow you to carry as much of your belongings as needed

41 cm x 18 cm x 46 cm (External dimension)

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